YWCA Adams County

Cooking Matters at the Store | YWCA Adams County

 A guided grocery store tour teaching skills for buying healthy foods on a budget.

Want to save money at the store?
Want to buy healthy foods for your family?
Need some tasty and healthy recipes?

If you said yes, come join us for a free guided grocery store tour!

During the hour tour, you’ll practice skills like:

  • Buying fruits and vegetables on a budget
  • Comparing Unit Prices to find bargains
  • Reading and comparing food labels
  • Identifying whole grains
  • Sticking to your budget!

After the tour you will receive a:

  • FREE book full of tasty recipes and simple tips on buying healthy, low-cost foods
  • FREE reusable grocery bag

Contact us for dates & a reservation ~ 402-462-8821 or a virtual tour option for a group.