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We offer summer educational opportunities for kids of all ages, boys and girls. The Nebraska Art Council provides grant opportunities to bring in local artists to educate our youth. In the past we offered pottery, painting, glass etching and photography. In addition, we provided science, cooking, social and physical activity classes.


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May 2018 

Glass Etching | May 21-24
9-11 am; Master the fine detail of cutting artwork on glass with Larry Roberts! This class is limited to the first 10. (ages 8+) $40

We Scream for Ice Cream  | May 29-31
9-11 am; Ice Cream, Sorbet Smoothies- Oh, My! Join us and learn how to make creamy good sweet treats with Becca Woolsey. (ages 8+) $30

June 2018

Babysitting Clinic | June 1st
 8 am-12 pm; Join us with interactive lessons to prepare you for good decision making, problem solving & handling emergencies! Lunch will be provided. (ages 10+ ) $40

Get Colorful with Tie-dye | June 4-7
9 am-11 am ages 5-7
1 pm 3 pm ages 8+
While utilizing creativity with Lauren Trimble, you will enter the magic world of color. This class is a Tie-dye frenzy! $40

Drawing & Sketching | June 11-14
9-11 am; Ruth Nielsen will instruct fundamentals of drawing & how to improve your current skills. We will frame your favorite masterpiece! (ages 7+) $40

Mixed Media Canvas Art | June 18 - 19
9-11 am; Learn new painting techniques with local artist, Dani Schwinn. (ages 8+) $40

Pottery with Nancy Fairbanks | June 19 - 20
1-3 pm; Learn the basics of pottery and create a masterpiece. (ages 8+) $50 / 1 day $25

Teddy Bear Tea | June 25
9-11 am; Boys & girls will have a ball playing games & enjoying teddy bear snacks. Bring your favorite stuffed animal (ages 2-5 ) $10

Cupcake Creations | June 25-28
1-3 pm; Learn how to bake, mix frosting & decorate designs on cupcakes! (ages 5+) $40

AgCiting Science | June 27
9-11 am; Get excited and pumped up to explore how science is in farming and ranching (ages 9-11) $10

Science of Animals  | June 28
9-11 am; Dive into the science of animals and discover how cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and more are a part of your everyday. (ages 12-14) $10

July 2018

Culinary Kids | July 9-12
9-11 am; Learn your way around the kitchen and taste a variety of recipes to add to your culinary experience! (ages 8+) $40

Taste Bud Ticklers | July 9-12
1-3 pm; Cook and bake simple meals and desserts that will tickle your taste buds! (ages 5-8) $40

Icky Sticky Science | July 16-19
1-3 pm; If you like to get sticky and enjoy learning through hands on science experiments this class is for you! (ages 5+) $40

Plentiful Paper  | July 23-26

1-3 pm; Paper is not just for painting anymore in this fun new class! Kids will get to discover new ways to create with paper, including Decoupage, Origami, and Paper Twirling. The fun doesn't stop with art projects, as kids will also make paper airplanes, paper towers, and homemade paper! (ages 8+) $40

Kickin it with Kool-Aid | July 30-31
1 pm-3 pm; Come see how creative we can we get with Kool-Aid! (ages 5+) $20. 

August 2018

August 10th | 12-1 pm
Art Show
All are welcome!