School of Dance – 2022-2023

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School of Dance | 2022

Welcome to the YWCA School of Dance

Our dance classes are an introduction to the world of dance.  The YWCA School of Dance offers a fun-filled and non-competitive environment for your child to learn to  express themselves in a new and artistic way.  All dancers will gain greater self-confidence, creativity and a love for dance.

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Cindy Cummins
Dance Director
YWCA School of Dance
studio | 2525 W 2nd Street
Office | 402-303-1300
email |

Class Schedule
Classes will tentatively begin Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Classes will resume the week of January 9, 2023 and run through May 18, 2023.

Absences from class are expected to be paid for. Please speak with Cindy to arrange for a make-up class.

Dress Rehearsals and Recitals will tentatively be May 23-26, 2023

Weather Cancellations
In the event of bad weather and classes get cancelled, the instructor will set up a make-up schedule for the cancelled class/classes only if classes are cancelled on the same night more than once. Refunds will not be given if you are unable to attend.

Monday, August 22 3:00-7:00 | Shoe Order Pick-up

Wednesday, September 7 | Dance Classes Begin

Monday, October 31 | NO DANCE-Halloween

Thursday, November 3 | Costume Deposits Due

November 23, 24 | No Dance-Thanksgiving

Week of December 20 | Christmas Break Begins

Monday, January 9 | Dance Classes Resume

Thursday, February 2 | Costume Balance Due

March 13-16 | NO DANCE-Spring Break

Monday, April 10 | NO DANCE-Easter Break

April TBA | Visitation/Costume Pick-up

Week of May 15 | Picture Week/Last Week of Dance

Tuesday, May 23 | Main Show Dress Rehearsal only

Wednesday, May 24 | Main & Little Divas & Dudes Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, May 25 | Main Show & Little Divas & Dudes Recital

Friday, May 26| Main Show & Little Divas & Dudes Recital


Membership (required) | $35/year

1 class | $36/month (Ballet required unless only taking clogging or acro.)
2 classes | $68/month
3 classes | $94/month
4 classes | $116/month
Any additional classes above 4 is $22/month/class


  • Families who pay installments will be paying by automatic with-drawls either with a saved Credit Card or Debit Card. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Families who pay installments are paying for the classes spread out over 9 months. NOT the classes per month.
  • A discount of 5% will be applied to additional siblings’ tuitions.
  • No Full Payment option for 2022-2023
  • We would be happy to spread your payments out over 10 months to help lower your monthly cost.

Parent Portal


Online Open Registration

  • Friday, July 1, 2022

Open House

  • Monday, August 1 | 9:00 – 1:00 & 3:00 – 7:00 (2-7 yr olds & Red Cloud Dancers)
  • Tuesday, August 2 | 9:00 – 1:00 & 3:00 – 7:00 (2nd Graders & Up)
  • See the Studio & Try on Shoes & Leotards

Open House/Shoe Pick Up

  • Monday, August 30 | 3:00 – 7:00

QUESTIONS | email Cindy or call YSD Studio 402-303-1300

2525 W 2nd St  Suite 110


Recital Costumes

We make every attempt to keep prices reasonable. Prices range from $55-$90 per costume. These are paid for separately from the class fees.

November 3, 2022

  • $30/costume Costume Deposit Due (non-refundable)

February 2, 2022

  • Costume Balances Due


  • When is the costume fee due?
    The deposit is due November 3, 2022 & the balance is due February 2, 2023.
  • Why is the costume fee due so early?
    We have to pay for the facility and all costumes in full.  Costume companies do not start making the costumes until they are ordered and paid for in full.  Occasionally costumes that are ordered in December will not be here by Visitation week even though they are ordered in December.
  • Where is the Recital?
    Hastings High School Auditorium
  • How will Online Ticketing work?
    You will receive a link to the purchasing website via email and one will be available on our YSD website and Facebook page.  Each family will have a one time use code to receive your comped ticket (1 per dancer included in the recital fee) that you can use for any of the recitals along with your purchase of any other tickets.
  • What is the Online Ticketing Site?
  • Why does YSD charge a fee for tickets?
    YSD charges ticket fees to cover the administrative costs of organizing and preparing recitals for almost 300 dancers.  Some of the costs that are covered are rent on the venue, professional sound and lighting, props, paperwork, programs, 1 ticket per dancer, etc.  Costs cannot be divided.
  • What do I get for my Costume fee?
    You will receive your costume (ballet costumes include tights), any accessories (headpieces, gloves, fishnets,etc).  You are responsible for the shoes needed for each particular dance.
  • How do I understand the cost of my Costume?
    The costume price includes, time spent on selecting, sizing, ordering, tights (included with all ballet costumes & some other classes), customer service questions, taxes & shipping fees, receiving, sorting and packaging.
  • Who needs tickets for the Recital?
    Each person, ages 3 and up, attending the show will be required to purchase a ticket. This does not include performers in the show or backstage help.
  • Why do dancers have to have tickets to attend the shows they are NOT performing in?
    For your safety, the Fire Department has set building capacity levels which are based on the number of physical seats in a building.  In order to ensure that we comply with these safety rules, we need to make sure we know how many people are expected at each of our shows and that means that all persons watching a show must have a physical seat (unless they are under the age of 2 and can sit on their parents lap).  In addition, it is against Fire Department rules to allow any person to sit on the floor of an auditorium.
  • Why can’t I video the show or take photos during the show?
    For the safety of our dancers, we do not allow any flash photography at any of our shows.  We also want to make sure that each person in the audience has a good view of the stage and their dancers.  No one wants to watch a show through the lens of the camera or iPad screen in the row in front of them.
  • Can I keep my recital costume?
  • What if I am unable to participate in the recital? You will still be able to participate in class and learn the routine along with everyone else.  You will be placed on an end so as not to mess up lines or formation.  Often times dancers still purchase the costumes so that they can be a part of the group pictures.  PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU WILL NOT BE PERFORMING IN A SHOW.
  • Can I buy recital tickets at the studio?
    No.  They will only be available on-line or at the door, at a more expensive price.  Although we will not sell tickets at the studio, we would be happy to help you with the process on our studio computer if you need assistance.
  • If I find out my dancer wants to quit or that we are unable to participate in the recital, can I get a refund on my recital fee and costume fee?
    No.  They are both non-returnable and non-refundable and no credits will be given.  Once ordered, costumes cannot be stopped or returned.  When we have received the costumes we will contact you to pick it up if you would like to keep it.
  • What time do we need to arrive?
    Little Diva Rehearsal and Recitals start at 5:00.  Doors open at 4:15.Main Show Rehearsal and Recitals start at 7:30. Doors open at 6:45.  We do not wait, so please make sure your dancers are in their assigned room BEFORE show time.
  • Do they need their costumes and to have their hair done for rehearsals?
  • Will I need to help my dancer with costume changes?
    NO!  We have people lined up to help with all of this backstage so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.
  • Do I need to stay for Dress Rehearsal?
    NO!  We have closed Dress Rehearsals so no parents are allowed to stay and watch.
  • Does my dancer need to wear makeup?
    We do not require anyone to wear makeup but a little is always fun and helps their faces stand out with the lighting.
  • How can I pick up my child when they are done with Dress Rehearsal?
    You will need to wait in the Lobby and we will send your dancer up from the dressing room.  Please keep in mind that we need time to get your dancer from the dressing room to the lobby.  It does not happen instantly.

Dance students MUST have the proper attire to participate. Students ages 2-7 will need a black or pink leotard with tights. Skirts are acceptable.

Dancers in 2nd Grade and up are required to have a black leotard with tights. Black Ballet skirts are acceptable for ballet classes.

Black Booty shorts and black leggings are acceptable over the leotard for all other classes.

All participants should have their hair secured away from their face. If this dress code is not followed, you will be asked to sit out until proper attire is worn and no refunds will be given.

All required items can be purchased at the studio or click to shop our list online here

School of Dance Handbook

We want to be a safe and happy space for our dancers! We know that they are feeling the effects of all of the changes due to COVID-19 and we hope that dance will help them feel some form of normalcy and much happiness in a time that is anything but.

As we continue to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic we will use the following policies as long as necessary and will make changes to adhere to the Health Department and Government Mandates when needed.

  • Dancers must be dropped off at the YWCA School of Dance where they should use hand sanitizer.
  • NO parents or siblings will be allowed to wait in the Lobby while class is in session.
  • Spacial Awareness is a big part of dance and is practiced in all ages and classes.
  • Dancers who have a break between classes will have a designated area where they can wait or they will be allowed to leave with a parent.
  • Due to the new mandates that will be enacted by the State, we will be requiring all people entering the Dance Studio & Lobby to wear masks. Once dancers get into the dance studio and to their assigned places the dancer will be allowed to remove their masks, if they want to, while we are spaced apart. When leaving the studio, dancers will be asked to re-mask until they get to their next class or have left the building.
  • Dancers in 2-3 year old Tap & Ballet and 4-5 year old Tap & Ballet Classes will NOT be required to wear masks. Parents of these dancers are still encouraged to come in to the Lobby for drop off and pick up but will be required to wear masks.
  • This will go into effect Thursday, November 12 and will remain in effect until Monday, November 30th unless the State requires an extension to the mandate.

If you would feel more comfortable with on-line dance classes we would be happy to discuss what that option would look like for your dancer.

Cindy Cummins

Dance Director

Allie Good

Dance Instructor

Amber Price

Dance Instructor

Brittney Kramer

Dance Instructor

Jenifer Hoagland

Dance Instructor

Val Benge

Dance Instructor

Brianna Dulitz

Dance Instructor