Recital Information


Recital Recording Class Days & Times

Below you will find listed the recording day and times for each class.

Monday, June 29

3:00-4:00 | Tuesday 2-3 Tap & Ballet, Monday 4:30 4-5 Tap & Ballet and Monday 6-7 Ballet, Tap & Jazz

4:30-5:30 | 6-7 Cheer, Saturday 2-5 Tap & Ballet, Monday 6:30 4-5 Tap & Ballet and Tuesday 6-7 Ballet, Tap & Jazz

6:00-7:30| Monday Level I Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Wednesday Level I Ballet, Tap & Jazz, 8-10 Cheer, Clogging I and Hip Hop I

8:00-10:00 | Level IV Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Level V Ballet & Jazz, Clogging III & IV, Hip Hop II, Pre-Pointe, Pointe I and Performance

Tuesday, June 30

3:00-4:00 | Wednesday 2-3 Tap & Ballet, Tuesday 4-5 Tap & Ballet and Wednesday 6-7 Ballet, Tap & Jazz

4:30-5:30 | Thursday 2-3 Tap & Ballet, Wednesday 4-5 Tap & Ballet and Thursday 6-7 Ballet, Tap & Jazz

6:00-7:30 | Tuesday Level II Ballet, Tap & Jazz, Thursday Level II Ballet, Level III Ballet, Tap & Jazz Clogging II and Contemporary I

8:00-10:00 | Level VI Ballet & Jazz, Contemporary II & III, Tap V, Pointe II, Broadway & Seniors

How the Recital Recording Will Work

  • The Recital Recording will be held at the YWCA in the Great Room.
  • Please bring your dancer to the YWCA School of Dance.
  • Each studio will be set up accordingly;
    • The Purple Studio will be set up as a dressing room with spaces marked for each dancer
    • The Pink Studio will be set up as a dressing room with spaces marked for each dancer
    • The Yellow Studio will be set up as the Photography Space for individual and sibling pictures
  • Dancers will need their costume(s), dance shoes, recital tights and hair in a bun. Make up is optional but not required.
  • Each class will perform their dance 1-3 times to get the best performance, they will then be led to the picture studio to have their individual picture taken, following pictures they will be taken back to their assigned spot to get ready for their next and the process will repeat until all dances in the assigned time have been completed.
  • Dancers will be dismissed out YWCA (main office) Door to allow for the next group of dancers to enter the YWCA School of Dance Doors.
  • NO parents will be allowed inside.
  • Our Videographer will have monitors set up in the studios and hallway for the dancers to watch when they are not performing.

How Pictures Will Work

  • Jake Misner Photography (Kearney, NE) will be taking pictures.
  • All dancers will have an individual picture taken of each costume.
    • Dancers in 2-3, 2-5 & 4-5 year old Tap & Ballet classes will only have their picture taken after their ballet dance.
    • Dancers in 6-7 Tap & Jazz classes will only have their picture taken after their jazz dance.
  • You will receive a link to an Online Photo Gallery (password protected) where you can select your dancer(s) pictures to order. (Please continue to watch your emails after June 30th for the link.)
    • You are NOT required to order any pictures, this is an optional purchase.
  • We can do sibling pictures but you will need to contact Miss Cindy to set up a time to make this happen.

Online Premier Viewing & DVD’s

  • Viewing Dates will be Sunday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 8 at 6:00 pm. These are one-time viewings only, they cannot be saved to be watched at a later time.
  • The viewing link is
  • There is no cost to watch our Recital Premier, so please share the link with family and friends! We will have a link available for Free-Will Donations.
  • Video Chat along will be available so you can “clap” and give shout outs to your dancer(s).
  • The order of the Recital will follow what the original Viva Las Vegas Recital order would have been.
  • We will start with the Little Divas (group 1 followed immediately with group 2 of the same dance) and will go right into the Main Show. The Little Divas portion will take about 1.5 hours and the Main Show will take about 2 hours.
  • Each dancer will receive 1 program and there will be a digital program available to follow along with for friends and family not home with you.
  • DVD’s of the Little Diva’s and/or the Main Show will be available to order. Please turn in your orders to the YWCA School of Dance by Thursday, June 25.

Please email Miss Cindy or contact the YWCA School of Dance with any questions you may have.  This is a new recital format for all of us so we appreciate your patience and cooperation.  We are totally bummed that we can’t have our recital as normal but we are doing the best we can so that the dancers will still get their performance opportunity.

Miss Cindy & the YWCA School of Dance Staff