Cooking Classes & Nutrition Education for Kids

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The Complete Cookbook for Young ChefsThrough collaboration with South Heartland District Health Department, the Zone has been able to expand its Nutrition Education programming! Although, Cooking Club has been a fan favorite of Zone students for several years, this additional funding has brought a new vitality and excitement to weekly lessons. Nutrition Director, Rebecca Woolsey, selected “America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs” as a guiding curriculum– even attracting the attention of the acclaimed public television show itself (thanks to an article featured in the Hastings Tribune).

At the end of the school year, Cooking Club participants will take home their very own copy of this cookbook as well as a “kitchen care package” with cooking basics including measuring cups, pans, mixing bowls, and aprons. This starter kit will enable participants to practice their skills at home over the summer! Our goal for Cooking Club has always been to empower participants to experiment with new cuisines. We want them to feel confident in their abilities by preparing them to make their own choices about food, both in the kitchen and at the grocery store. Young people deserve to know that “eating healthy” doesn’t have to be a scary, unapproachable concept. Cooking Club makes cooking (and eating) a fun adventure, not a chore! Stay tuned for more exciting stories from the YWCA Kitchen!